April 28, 2018


Industries Served: 

Aerospace | Agriculture Equipment | Automotive Vehicles | Automotive Components | Banking | Chemical | Communications | Computer | Construction Equipment | Electrical & Electronic | Energy | Engineering & Construction | Engines | Financial Services | Food Processing | Healthcare | Information Technology | Mining | Paper & Packaging | Rubber & Plastic | Shipbuilding | Software | Transportation | Truck Manufacturing

Corporate Need:

a. Risk Management and Compliance

Incorporate enterprise risk management reporting and dashboards, risk-based pricing, risk-adjusted capital management and risk governance As the global economy recovers from a credit crisis and the worst recession in a generation, businesses and regulators are taking a closer look at risk governance.

b. Corporate responsibility and sustainability

Faced with mounting global concern over environmental sustainability, companies are implementing corporate responsibility and sustainability programs to minimize their impacts, manage risks and identify new business opportunities.

c. Merger and Acquisition

When growth is not enough, companies often turn to mergers and acquisitions. Yet many are disappointed by the value they are able to achieve with this type of growth strategy.

VCAP offers a comprehensive range of Merger and Acquisition services to help you identify strategic opportunities and develop and execute integration plans, including:

Business due diligence
Integration strategy
Post-merger integration management

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in all key industries on national and cross-border merger and acquisition projects. With our extensive consulting, technology and outsourcing expertise, clients can expect a smooth and efficient integration that yields positive results.

d. Finance Transformation

To address today’s business challenges, finance directors must align financial strategy with business needs by identifying best practices, developing a shared-services strategy, making better decisions faster, and optimizing working capital. VCAP helps CFOs implement the right processes, technology and structure to drive results.

Our Global Practice Network consultants delivers finance transformations through an approach comprising:

Vision and Strategy
Process optimization
Performance management
Shared-service and Capabilities

e. Cost Optimization

In today’s highly competitive markets, a solid cost position has become the key differentiator for companies that achieve real success.
VCAP is a leader in business transformation. We have designed a set of proven tools and technologies to successfully deliver cost optimization programs that enhance competitiveness.
We take a unique, holistic approach to designing and implementing cost optimization programs, using a process that allows for an integrated view of the entire cost base. Leveraging the power of the entire process, VCAP can guide and accompany our clients from strategy development and design to building an efficient business- and IT-infrastructure and system landscape.

Industry need:

a. Public Sector and PPP

The public sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Organizations that once operated independently must collaborate to improve services to citizens, business customers and other agencies, while incorporating significant budget reforms. VCAP supports the public sector with a skilled approach in a number of key areas of expertise, including: Tax, Public Security, Healthcare, Regional Government and Public Private Partnership (PPP), Border Management.

b. Industrial Products

The Industrial Products industry is at turning point. It must face challenges exacerbated by the global economic slowdown, while seizing new opportunities—and contending with new competition—brought on by globalization. VCAP Industrial Products practice helps you swiftly and intuitively respond to ever-changing market conditions and demands. We draw on our experience of working with some of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial products to help you develop successful leadership strategies, optimize your operations to become best in class.

c. Financial Services

VCAP Financial Services Team brings deep industry experience, innovative service offerings and next generation global delivery to serve the financial services industry.VCAP collaborates with leading banks, insurers and capital market companies to deliver business and IT solutions and thought leadership which create tangible value.

d. Automotive Sector

Automotive companies are looking to improve growth, profitability and shareholder value.

VCAP draws on its industry knowledge, collaborative approach and proven global delivery capabilities to help automotive companies achieve results in competitive market.

Our Group custom tailored offerings in:

Research and Development

Supporting Functions

Supply Chain Management

Business Information Management

Marketing , Sales and Service

Financial Services Spectrum and Lending

e. Consumer Products

Today’s consumer products companies are faced with unprecedented economic and environmental challenges. They must contend with rising raw material costs, changing business models and slow growth. Translating innovative strategies into sustainable performance improvement takes perspective and perseverance. As a global leader in strategy and transformation consulting, VCAP offers consumer products companies valuable guidance and global expertise.

We advise on:

  • Growth in new markets
  • Optimize the core business
  • Business analytics for consumer products
  • Innovation and Engagement with consumers
  • Manage and Leverage Business Information
  • Integrate and Collaborate value chain
  • Protect Margins and Profits

f. High Tech, Telecom, Media, Entertainment

High tech is a dynamic industry characterized by accelerated innovation cycles, margin pressure and complex supply chains driven by global competition. VCAP helps leading high tech companies improve their competitiveness by responding rapidly and intuitively to changing market conditions and demands. We draw on our industry-specific expertise to craft tailored solutions and implement successful leadership strategies.

Rapid technological advances and changing consumer behavior have irrevocably changed the business environment for the telecom, media and entertainment (TME) industries. VCAP is helping TME businesses adapt to the new rules of the game.

We work with wireline, wireless, internet service provider, cable, broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations.